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Motivating and inspiring change. Spreading the safety message from boardroom to construction site.

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Rhett Brown


From tragic workplace accident to success as an inspirational speaker. This is Rhett's Way Up.

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Rhett Brown

Life Saver

A decade of motivating and inspiring change in workplaces across the country.

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Rhett Brown Life Saver

Rhett Brown is an award-winning motivational health and safety speaker and author who has made it his mission to inspire change by sharing his story. From tragic workplace accident to change maker and life saver, Rhett has spent a decade spreading the health and safety message across New Zealand

Spreading the health & safety message, from boardroom to construction site.

When Rhett began speaking professionally in 2008, little did he know the impact he would make on thousands of workers who would hear his journey from workplace accident to rehabilitation and change. In 2012 Rhett was recognised for his “Significant Individual Contribution to Health and Safety in the Construction Industry” and ten years after he set out to make New Zealand workplaces safer, he is still committed to sharing his story to save the lives of others

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Dragisa Cosovic Senior Health & Safety Advisor

We were fortunate enough to have Rhett come and speak to our project team. Health and Safety is our number one priority on site and sometimes it takes a hard hitting story to make people stop and think. As soon as Rhett began talking he had the attention of everyone in the room. His talk was captivating and inspirational and he has a way of ensuring he gets the important messages across. The feedback afterwards was so positive and the team and senior managers were thankful to have been able to have the opportunity to listen to him speak. It was evident that the message was thought provoking and had resonated with the team which is exactly the outcome we were hoping for. I would highly recommend Rhett to anyone else who is wanting to hit home the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace and would not hesitate to have him back in the future.

Shelley Grierson Pioneer NZ

Rhett joined us in Wellington for our annual contractors conference as a guest speaker on Health and Safety. This is a topic that is very relevant within the agricultural industry, particularly where contractors are working on their own or other’s farms in a relatively unregulated environment. For a topic that often sends people to sleep, Rhett captivated the audience to the point where you could hear a pin drop in the room, for the entirety of his talk. He was incredibly candid in his story, which really hit home and got the message across that we wanted to deliver. His impact has resonated with our audience and our feedback about Rhett has all been very positive. We would not hesitate to have Rhett back or to recommend him to speak at a corporate event.

Paul Chamberlain Senior Project Manager

Rhett Brown spoke to 285 staff and contractors working in the Canterbury rebuild in early June 2017. Rhett told a story that really needed to be heard and his approach was hard hitting and real. From the very start you could have heard a pin drop.

It was compelling, raw and often very sad. Rhett was able to take us all back to a time or place where it could have been anyone of us. Words and statements like "culture of stupidity" and "I didn’t want, ask or need this" will remain in our memory for a long time.

I have spoken to many contractors and staff since Rhett spoke and I have heard feedback like "a bloody good wakeup call" or "I remember a time when I was doing something equally as dangerous."

But for me, the take home was how we all must never take anything for granted. The importance of looking after our staff, mates and family.

Rhett is an outstanding spokesman with a real passion. He speaks from the heart and ensures his message is heard.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rhett and hope his message is heard by more.

The Well-Connected Alliance

Thank you for coming to our project and sharing your inspirational story to all of our different work groups.

Your story was very well received by all of our 1000 strong workforce and very pertinent to the work that is being completed at the Waterview project. The message of workers having a voice, speaking up about safety, following the systems and processes, and more specifically ensuring working at height controls are implemented was very powerful.

The impact that the talk had on our workers was evident by the attention of the groups during and the number of workers that approached you directly after your talks so you can be humbled to know that you have had an impact on the safety of NZ largest and most ambituses roading infrastructure project.